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don't be ordinary, 'cause ordinary is too mainstream
Him:No one gonna chat me:(
Me:I would:)
Him:I know:)
Me:So, who am I?
Him:My dearest girlfriend for sure!<3
Me:Haha okay<3 are you not going to sleep?
Him:I'm not tired yet, hbu?
Him:You know what? I love you
Me:I love you too:)
Him:No, I mean, I love you so much
Me:I know, just promise me you wont leave me again
Him:No I'm not, not again this time
Me:Promise me
Him:Yea, I promise
Me:a pinky promise?;)
Him:Hey, look. I wanna be with you as always and I will love you like there's no end
Me:I'm here, with you, no matter what happen, this heart is yours